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Our Process

Our process includes the identification acquisition and gentrification of Brisbane’s most sought after real estate, de-risking investment and increasing profits.

After the opportunity has been identified and satisfies our co-developer prerequisites we overlay our feasibility formula to ensure the realisable return and establish our purchase price.

Through our development management strategies and processes we maintain tight control over the design and construction phases.

4 Key Factors

To De-Risk & Maximize Profit

Blue Chip Locations

A ‘blue chip’ suburb is one which has consistently strong rental yields , and steady, long term, capital growth. These neighborhoods weather downturns and operate profitably in the face of adverse economic conditions, which help to contribute to their long record of stable and reliable growth. Blue chip suburbs almost always possess the fundamental price drivers such as abundant public transport, good schools, parks, water and a flourishing cultural, restaurant and entertainment scene.

Realisable Returns

A ‘realisable return’ is calculated from the area’s median sales prices, number of sales at relevant price points and growth trends over select periods of time.

Fixed Costs

A ‘fixed cost’ criteria is established during the feasibility stage and set build contracts are put in place prior to settlement of properties to ensure no cost over-run exposure or delays to co-developers.

Feasibility Formula

A ‘feasibility formula’ utilises a ratio based equation to achieve a forecast profitable outcome. It has taken years of financial, construction, development management and trend analysis to discover, design and refine a method of isolating variables.

smart capital works for me.